In accordance with the Solid and Hazardous Waste Law (N.125 (I)/2002) all importers and producers of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) are obligated to participate in a Collective System like WEEE CYPRUS LTD. A company that has entered into a contract with the System, is required to declare the EEE it has placed in the Cyprus market, every three months (January – March, April – June, July – September and October – December) or once a year (at the beginning of the following year) and pay the respective fees for each category

Companies are required once they join the System, to submit retrospective Declarations as of December 1st 2009 and pay the respective fees, in case they were operating before their registration.

Declaration Forms for the periods from 1stof January 2013 up to date:

Declaration Forms for the periods from 1st of July 2010 until 31st of December 2012:

Declaration Forms for the periods from 1st of December 2009 until 30rd of June 2010:



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