Corporate Identity

The Solid and Hazardous Waste Law (N.215 (I)/2002) and the Regulations concerning the Management of Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) (Reg 668/2004) define the responsibilities of the companies that are considered as Producers of WEEE, and who must ensure the recovery and recycling of their WEEE. The System aims to manage every year the quantities of WEEE mentioned in the law.

According to the Regulation, this is a responsibility of the Producers of EEE which in Cyprus are mostly companies that import EEE to the Republic. To meet their obligations, companies can either organize individual Compliance Systems or organize and participate in collective Compliance Systems.

On the initiative of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) a significant number of companies in Cyprus has joined forces and created the non-profit organization WEEE CYPRUS LTD, in order to organize the first Collective Compliance System for managing WEEE in Cyprus. The signing of contracts with Members or Shareholders is continued by Electrocyclosis and it is expected that a significant number of companies will gradually join the Collective System.

The System is accredited by the authorities as of June 1st 2008 and in that respect it is the first and only licensed WEEE Management System in Cyprus.

The System has chosen to cooperate with Green Dot (Cyprus) Public Co Ltd, the packaging collective system, for the organization and management of its system. The System’s main objective is to exploit the experience and best practices in other EU countries and for this purpose it has chosen to cooperate with an equivalent System in Austria, the Organisation ERA GmbH.